Four hours Children Fine Art Photography 2022

Private Workshop. The 1-2-1 four hours Workshop is fully suited to your learning goals, light setup and editing skills. For more info, please contact me via my website.

14h – Start

14h – 15h Introduction & Presentation with pratical advices to allow you finding easily your own concept and style

15h – 16h30 Indoor OR outdoor session with a model using and understanding the power of different lighting techniques, correct posing and the essence of a person. You will also have a chance to shoot alongside Dai and apply the concepts learned throughout the course. Dai will give you guidance on client preparation & studio wardrobe, equipment, go-to set-ups, camera settings and techniques of getting beautiful SOOC images, how to use a simple one light set up, posing, and more.

16h30 -17h30 In this signature retouching you will learn how to turn your photographs into beautiful artwork! Dai will show you first, step by step, her workflow from the initial idea to the final realisation. You will put theory into practice with one of your favorite image taken during our Workshop. Dai will show you how Dai developed  her signature style and how you can develop yours! You will learn how I use Photoshop with the perfect Raw file. Then, she will give you some practical advices to allow you finding easily your own concept and style. Dai is very detailed and direct. In this class she will ensure that everybody will practice every details and take your skills to new level.

17h30 -18h Questions & Answers