About me

Have I always aspired to be a photographer?

No, it was not always so, although from the time I was young, I have been interested in art, especially painting. My first encounter with photography eventually resulted in my first exhibition in Germany, when I was 18.

But I fell completely in love with photography after the birth of my first child. Initially, I wanted to capture all these big moments and everlasting memories. Capturing the amazing range of love and emotions of a child is such a fantastic photographic challenge! Moreover, there’s nothing like the joy of sharing our own hobbies and activities with our children. For these reasons, I feel connected to photographic portraiture but, I admit it, I am obsessed with, you could say hooked on any kind photography! I’m a passionate 100% self-taught professional photographer based in Switzerland. Every year since 2015 I received many recognitions, awards, publications in magazines and press which help me to work even harder on my projects and photography! Should I say that I’m addictd to my job? Yes, I’m truly proud of my photographs and believe that each image is much more than juste a photo for me.

Personally, I think photography is linked to passion, art, language and meditation. Every moment of this precious life is a source of inspiration for me. Also music and quotations of deep insight and wisdom play a huge role in my photography. I love making pictures which transfer the information of love, compassion, kindness and the simple beauty of each individual in a time of challenges. Furthermore, I believe that beauty, which photography can convey to all of us, does not need to be searched for; it can be found in everyone and everywhere. Beauty is what we find when we are truly living in the present moment. The rest is just perspectives and details.

My passion with painting, my love for art, my very first sold photographs and other artwork at the fourteen-day exhibition in Germany, the birth of my children all led me to the path! The whole process from start to finish truly excites me. With the mixture of training and self-experimentation, I continue to learn and renew my understanding.


– Spending time with my three children and trying manager our togetherness meaningful (education programs every year, different teaching strategies methods for different age, yoga, music and cooking.)
– Building a business development strategy and creative projects for my entreprise
– Looking for social projets with my children in the world & creating financial spread-support with my turnover
– Creating photographies from start to finish
– Sleeping & dreaming about artwork and workshops with best photographers in the world

“Mindful Consumption”

– Courage
I had the courage to build my own photography business since 2014 and to coach about mindful living for vietnamese children and teenagers within 7 years in Europe.

– Persistence & Loyalty
I’m passionate self-taught photographer who loves supporting social projects around the world. I’m true with myself and keep my work what I stand for: Kindness & Mindfulness. I believe that peace must begin within. I want to invited people to join us to fill this world with more.

Social Project’s growth
I supported direct and indirectly to social projets grow (scholarship in Vietnam since 1996)
Teaching french for immigrant adults in 2007-2012 (Français en Jeu (Lausanne)
One portion of my turnover 2014 had been sent to children’s education projects in Vietnam,
One portion of my turnover 2015 had been sent to orphanage project in Vietnam,
One portion of my turnover 2016 had been sent to medical aid and leprosy projects in India.
One portion of my turnover 2017 had been sent to Eurasia for special education in Vietnam.
One portion of my turnover 2018 had been sent to SOS Children’s Villages.
One portion of my Grand Champion Price and my turnover 2019 had been send to Happy School Projects in Vietnam.
One portion of my turnover 2020 had been sent to Maison Chance in Vietnam.
One portion of my turnover 2021 had been sent to Women’s Refuge of Basel-Stadt & Basel-land in Switzerland.
One portion of my turnover 2022 had been sent to CBM Christoffel Blindenmission (eye surgeries).
One portion of my turnover 2023 had been sent to Kiva for helping children and families in accessing essentiel healthcare services, including medicine and surgeries.

Recognitions, Publications & Awards Winner                                        

Top 3 Finalist of 16×20 Photographer of the Year 2021 in Creative Portrait @ SWPP in London; First Place 2020 in the category Group & Family Portrait @ WPPI; Winner of Creative Portrait Photographer Of The Year 2020 @ SWPP in London; Winner of Jury Award @ SPC in Geneva; Third Place 2020 in Family Category @ WPI; Second Place 16×20 Photographer of the Year 2020 in Nouveau @ SWPP; GRAND CHAMPION 2019 of all categories @ The Portrait Masters; Category Winner of Contemporary Portrait 2019 @ The Portrait Masters; Two international Silver Awards in the Annual Print 16×20 WPPI Competition 2019 in the Categories Teenager and Creative Portrait Contemporary;  First Place 2018 in the category Creative Portrait Contemporary @ WPPI; Publication in the print Magazine Rangfinder December 2018/Volume 67/n°11; Gold Award in Society of Wedding and Portraits of Photographers for November 2018 (Category: Monochrome); Highly Commended Photo in Society of Wedding and Portraits Photographers for October 2018 in the Category – Children; Highly Commended Photo in Society of Wedding and Portraits Photographers for October 2018 in the Category – Portrait Avant GardeHighly Commended Photo in Society of Wedding and Portraits Photographers for September 2018 in the Category – Portrait Avant Garde; Two Silver Awards First 1/2 at WPPI in the category Children and Creative Portrait Contemporary; Highly Commended Photo in Society of Wedding and Portraits Photographers for August 2018 in the Category – Portrait Environmental: Highly Commended Photo in Society of Wedding and Portraits Photographers for April 2018 in the Category – Children; Gold Award in Society of Wedding and Portraits of Photographers for February 2018 (Category: Children Portait); Multi-Winner @ AFNS AWARD 2017 (3rd round & 4rd round)Highly Commended Photo in Society of Wedding and Portraits Photographers for November 2017 in the Category – Portrait Avant Garde; Gold Award in Society of Wedding and Portraits of Photographers for October 2017; Publication as Today’s Fine Art Photographer in the category Children’s Photography Wing Publications at Gallery of Refined Art Magazine 10/10/2017 & 09/21/2017; Publication at “Inspire- Digital or Not Fine Art Photography Magazine” as TOP 10 Best Children’s Photographer 8/30/2017Winner of Absolute Masterpiece 2017  @ Viewbug; Publication at “Inspire- Digital or Not Fine Art Photography Magazine” as TOP 10 Best Children’s Photographer 7/26/2017; “This Magazine’s Award” and publication in the categoryBest of Children Publication in July2017; “This Magazine’s Award” and publication in the category Best of Children Publication in June2017; “This Magazine’Awards” in the category Editorial Awards in June2017.

Everything can inspire me! But music and meaningful quotation play a huge role in my photography inspiration and creativity. They not only inspire my photography but also my life! I love creating my own background, assessors and clothes for every shooting. The whole process from start to finish truly excites me.

Hard-working (18-24), Persuasive, Motivator & Leader,
User Experience, Positive Thinking

German *****
Vietnamese *****
French ****
English ***

SPC Judge Switzerland since January 2021

Mentor & Instructor @ Academy SPC Switzerland since 2021

Competitions internationaux & Live Print Judging Education (Las Vegas & London) since 2019

Sue Bryce Education since July 2019

Masterclasses with the renowned award winning photographer Rocco Ancora: “Monochrome”, London & Las Vegas, 2019

One Day Workshop with the top 10 best world renowned fashion photographer Lindsey Adler: “Creative Lighting”, Geneva, December 2019

Photo Plus Class “Speed Up Your Workflow” with the world renowned award winning photographer Kelly Brown at the WPPI Convention in Las Vegas, Feburary 2019

Photo Walk with the world renowned award winning wedding photographer Johnson Wee: “Small Lights, Big Punch” at the WPPI Convention in Las Vegas, 2019

Phatform Class “The Art of Stylized Portraiture” with the world renowned award winning  portrait & fashion photographer Lindsay Adler at the WPPI Convention in Las Vegas, 2019

Two-days workshops with the international multi-award winning photographer Paulina Duczman at Maison Esprit Boudoir in Paris, April 2018.

Masterclasses with Jeff Rojas (“Studio Lights”) and John Denton (“From Photo To Print”) in London organised by the Europe’s largest Convention (UK), 2018

Workshop with one of the best top 10 child/animals photographer in the world ELENA Shulimova in London organised by Lovespired Photography by Kristina Vanagaite, 2017

Diplôme d’Enseignement de la langue étrangère, University of Lausanne (CH), 2004 – 2007

Language study/stay in London , 2003

Diplôme de l’Ecole de Français Moderne at University of Lausanne (CH),  2001-2002

DELF diplôme d’études en langue française in Freiburg (CH), 2000-2001

Abitur, Gymnase Bethel College/Bodelschwingh in Germany (Bielefeld), 2000